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- the EVO collection

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The EVO product line - embedded in the classic lines of modernity - is an example of the creative world of ever-useful products, and at the same time functional principle that less is more. The always actual and never-averse basic pieces of Thonet chairs give a considerably big margin to the designer who wishes to reform them. In the case of EVO family, the redefinition is defined by the three-leg design that is completely out of the box and different from the traditional version we all know from our grandparent’s era. All the used high quality materials lend elegancy and durability for the chairs near by a well-laid table, or youthful looseness as furniture of a relaxed bar.

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Besides the EVO armchair (1) and barstool (2), an upholstered version (3) is available too. This version is determinative as well but can create harmony and it refers to homeliness and familiarity. Besides the pleasant look of the shape, the creator of Evo family gave a special attention to the details of the necessary every-day use such as the ergonomic design. The comfort of the armchair is secured by the optimal height of the arm and backrest that leads to the fact that guests can sit back in comfort after a tasty dish or a fine glass of wine.


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