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Autumn is here again

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Autumn is always the biggest perpetual enemy of balconies, terraces and other outdoor possibilities but at the same time this season is inspiration of the inner spaces. Besides Spring, Autumn is that particular season which felt the permanence of change make us to change as well. In the case of furniture this is just a great period to vivify spaces surrounded by wall with beautiful colours and shapes.

Due to the bit limited spaces it worth to consider – maybe with professional help – what kind of furniture pieces we wish to provide to our guests. Materials, shapes and colours will determine the ideal furniture. Neutral earth colours vitalized with some vivid yellow, claret or deep red – the main goal is to reach an absolute relaxed, harmonic atmosphere. The perfect combination of colours, upholsteries, metal or wood can contribute to the returning visits of guests in a café, bar, restaurant and hotel.

Obviously the imagined interior can always be refined. Great selection of accessories, lamps, vases can enhance the feeling of maturity and harmony.

1.PETIT 114 High chair that makes the smallest ones great. Hass every feature what the youngest guests would need. Besides the security and comfort, shape got the main role

2.AGDA : Fine lined sofa that can be varied with colours and upholstery solutions. Vibrant and subdued in one piece of furniture

3.HAT : In the case of compilation, there’s always a role for elegant armchairs. Classic shapes or modernized, based on your style

4.SHIRA : A light shaped, outstanding barstool can find it’s place next to a bar table or the counter

5.URBAN : Minimalistic coffe table with concrete or wooden - handmade - tabletop

6.WIENER : Great marriage of bentwood and padded seat - Traditional wooden chair with the passion for colours


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