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Protection of outdoor furniture in winter time

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Winter is around the corner which can occur significant damages in our outdoor furniture. It is essential to prepare the outdoor set, chairs and tables before the heavy frost.


This material is not that sensitiv to frost, but prolonged precipitation can cause corrosion. Paint protects from corrosion in the case of new metal furniture but we definitely need to paint them in a few years later. If you plan to leave them outdoor, it worth to put them on a smaller platform and cover with a tarp against precipitation. It is absolutely recommended to put metal tables under roof if those are with wooden or glass table top. If it is frosting, the smallest fissure can damage these table tops completely.


It is highly recommended to bring plastic furniture under roof. Due to freezing, even the smallest amount of water in fissures can distract plastic. Fluctuation of temperature can make them rigid and fragile. It is suggested to keep them covered in order to protect them from staining.


Due to the fact that this is one of the most popular and most expensive outdoor furniture materials, it needs more care in winter as well a sin summer. Sometimes it needs some moisture because if it gets too dry, can easily fragile. The same moisture can cause damage in winter. Bring it under roof, possibly to completely dry atmosphere.


Preparing wooden furniture for winter is the most complicated. Maybe this is the material which need to be protected the most against cold and moisture. The most suitable place for them is completely indoor or at least under roof. If we do not have a possibility to do so, then put them on platform and cover with tarp against frostbite.


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