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In a restaurant with kids?

Could be hard sometimes.

Getting used to the trends changing continuously, it is easy to forget that those should not only be about appearance and style but different needs and practicality as well. However fashion and the world of kids have always been going hand by hand, furniture and accessories for children remained to the nursery only – even if those would be needed in several places and situations outside our home.

Parents are going out easier and earlier with their kids not just in the case of daily to dos but to get back to their social life. Among these we can also include a good coffee or a nice lunch with family or friends. Unfortunately it is not easy to do so when the targeted place is not ready to welcome kids. Under this we do not mean “kids’ meals” with fries, macaroni and a rickety high chair, but to make sure that children should not want to leave after 10 minutes for the promised playground.

For the patience of parents and kids it is important to make it for sure that children find their world in a restaurant.  But what do you need to do to reach that this high potential target group become returning clientele?


High stools are considered to be basic equipment, but smaller attention turns to the fact that kids should be occupied before and after lunch. Colouring and some books are good as a start but what really make them busy is a well-equipped corner for kids with nice furniture, soft carpet and lots of toys for different generations. We should not pass by a changing room with comfortable lounge chair to make sure that feeding the smallest ones will go in peace.


Just in the case of high chair we should already think about stability, use of materials, glues and stains that are not harmful for health, and not to mention the cleaning maintenance. All these indicators should be valid for the kids’ corner as well. It is important to situate their ground away from the entrance, kitchen and waiters but visible.

If we consider different age groups we will realize that high chairs are not suitable for 3-4 years old children and they cannot reach the table from a normal-sized dining chair as well. It worth to have a few kitchen stool or seat booster for cases like these.


Thanks to the wider range of contract furniture for kids, it is easier to choose pieces suitable for the interior of your restaurant. It is not necessary to get the standard colourful plastic chairs and plastic tables. For instance a classic style café with bentwood furniture can already get their miniature versions. For a more modern and energetic interior we can easily add interesting-shaped colourful poufs and trays as well. With some extra designing we can easily contribute to create a family friendly restaurant or café area and reach that all ages will enjoy their stay and leave with the feeling of coming back next time.

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